Welcome! If you are reading this, you were probably given early access to our current Episode Two VR build, to help us iron out a few bugs before launch and/or spread the word about the mod. :) Here are some important details for you, please go over them carefully.


Currently, you must have Episode One VR and Episode Two VR installed to the same Steam library for Ep2 to work.

Reporting on the mod

As with the HL2VR and Ep1 prereleases, there are no strings attached, no NDAs or embargoes. You are free to report on the mod in any form and at any time. That being said, we do appreciate if you communicate issues you faced to us first.

If you do want to do us a favor, you can:


The controls are the same as for the base game. If you need a refresher, check out the manual.

Tips for recording

If you intend to record the screen mirror, note that the game’s window by default uses a resolution of 720p. To get higher quality video, you may want to increase that resolution. You can do so by adding e.g. -w 1920 -h 1080 to the game’s launch options.

Furthermore, you might want to disable the game mirroring the HUD and menu to the window, as that will cause it to display double in your recording. To do so, open the console in-game via the button in the options menu, then type hlvr_hud_on_mirror -1. To revert this change, type hlvr_hud_on_mirror 1.

Notable features

Even though these might not be important to you, if you do report on the mod, we’d appreciate a mention as they can be important to other people:

  • HL2VR and all episodes now have full teleport movement. You can choose to either fully replace smooth locomotion with teleport, or only replace Jump with teleport and use locomotion and teleport in combination.
  • New vehicle camera modes for added comfort for those who need it, including a teleporting camera that remains static, but realigns itself behind the vehicle about every second.
  • Support for bHaptics vests. If you got one, you might as well pull it out from storage for your Episode Two playthrough! ;)